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Prestonwood Deed Restrictions

The developer of the Prestonwood area filed a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions in the Dallas County Deed Records for each of the additions now encompassed by the Prestonwood Homeowners Association. Further, property within the area covered by each Declaration was to be held, transferred, improved, sold, conveyed and occupied subject to the covenants, conditions and restrictions set forth.

Most of the Sections within the area of the Prestonwood Homeowners Association have identical or near identical deed covenants, conditions and restrictions (deed restrictions). Each homeowner should obtain a copy of the recorded restrictions that apply to the Section in which the homeowner owns property, and use that information when a question arises concerning neighborhood deed restrictions.

For those who might not know which section in which they own property, the Section designation is listed prominently on property purchase records and annual tax statements.

The following brief description of the Prestonwood deed restrictions is for general information only. Every homeowner should obtain and read thoroughly a complete copy. You should have a copy with the papers you received when you purchased your house.

ARTICLE I. Defines terms used.

ARTICLE II. Discusses general purposes of conditions - namely to protect owners of property against improper use of surrounding property as will depreciate the value of their property.

ARTICLE III. Specifies how each lot may be used. Includes such things as:

Section 1: Provides for residential, one single family usage.

Section 2: Lots may not be re-subdivided.

Section 3: Main structure to have a minimum of XXXX square feet, Amount varies by addition.

Section 4: Exterior walls must be at least 75% brick, brick veneer, stone, or stone veneer.

Section 5: Roofs are to be of wood shingles, slate, and/or metal. Also specifies minimum and maximum roof pitch. (Not enforced)

Section 6:  (a) Prohibits certain animals.  (b) Lots cannot be used contrary to any ordinances or regulations of the city of Dallas.  (c) Prohibits parking of trailers, boats, boat trailers, mobile homes, trucks or campers, either temporarily or permanently on any lot where they can be seen from the front street.

Section 7: Specifies that all television antennas and other antennas and aerials shall be located inside the attic or under roof. No towers permitted.

Section 8: Discusses garbage and weeds. Should be read in its entirety by each homeowner. When a residential lot owner fails to control weeds, unsightly growth and/or debris on the lot, it gives any other property owner within the addition the apparent right to go on the lot, mow and /or clean the lot and bill the owner of record for charges.

Section 9: Provides specifications for building lines.

Section 10: Provides for a minimum of two car garages, which must open to the alley if one is present.

Section 11: Prohibits chain link fences or other wire types where they can be viewed from the front, side or rear of the lot. Walls erected by the developer belong to the lot owner on which they were erected, and said owner is responsible for maintenance and repair.

Section 12: Only residential for sale signs are permitted, and these can have a maximum of 15 square feet.

Section 13: Landscaping of a lot should be completed 120 days after completion of the main structure.

Section 14: Prohibits temporary structures on lots.

Section 15: Residences are to be completed on or before one year from date of building permit.

Section 16: Prohibits noxious or offensive trades.

Section 17: Discusses maintenance of easements.

Section 18: City of Dallas can refuse or revoke building permits for structures or improvements in conflict with these deed restrictions.

Section 19: Provides for underground utilities.

ARTICLE IV: Provides for an Architectural Committee.

ARTICLE V: General Provisions - provides for a duration of the deed restrictions until January 1, 2050, enforcement, severability and amendments.

Prestonwood Homeowners Association, Inc.

PO Box 795682

Dallas, TX 75379


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