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Prestonwood #18 Homeowners Association

Hi Neighbor!

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Prestonwood #18 HOA (“PW#18”).
Members of PW#18 include 90 homeowners on five streets: Sandydale, Misty Trail, and portions
of Golden Creek, Ranchita, and Warm Mist. PW#18 dues are mandatory because when the
subdivision was originally approved by the City of Dallas in 1978-79, the developer included in
the deed restrictions that the 90 homes in the PW#18 development, would be responsible for
maintenance of Sandydale Park in the northwest corner of Arapaho and Golden Creek and the
grassy berm which extends west for about a quarter mile from the park to Ranchita. Sandydale
Park is owned by PW#18 and sections of the grassy berm, although the responsibility of PW#18,
belong to the homeowners.

The PW#18 Board of Directors and annual homeowners’ meeting is held in February each year,
and all PW#18 homeowners are mailed a notice and proxy. Dues are currently $400/year, and
when ownership of a home is sold or transferred, there is a $375 transfer fee. Invoices for annual
dues are mailed on or about March 1 each year.
Maintenance of the park includes mowing, tree trimming, watering, sprinkler maintenance,
erosion control, mulch and spring and fall plantings at our neighborhood entrances at Ranchita
and Golden Creek.

When a home in PW#18 is sold or transferred, the title company and/or a realtor contacts PW#18
requesting information on current dues and on any unpaid dues or other balances along with the
amount of the transfer fee. The dues status and other HOA documents and information is
provided to the title company on Texas Real Estate Commission Form 37. This information
should be provided to the buyer at closing. The sale and transfer may not be completed until
obligations to PW#18 are satisfied.

In addition to PW#18, our neighborhood is also served by the Prestonwood Homeowners
Association (“PHA”). PHA, which covers approximately 1,000 homes including our PW#18
homes, is a voluntary association. The voluntary PHA provides the traditional services of a
homeowners' association, including maintaining other common areas in our Prestonwood
neighborhood and managing the Public Improvement District that provides a 24-hour Dallas
Police Department Patrol of our neighborhood. PHA also contributes to the cost of maintaining
Sandydale Park and the grassy berm which is the south entrance to our Prestonwood
neighborhood. PW#18 truly appreciates our relationship with PHA and we continue to work
closely together.

Please contact us if we may provide additional information or explanation.

PHA 18 Board
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