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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the PHA?

A: The Prestonwood Homeowners Association (PHA) is a voluntary association for the Prestonwood neighborhood organized to improve and promote neighborliness within our community.   Our mailing address is: Prestonwood Homeowners Association, Inc, PO Box 795682, Dallas, TX 75379.


Q: How are my dues utilized?

A: The PHA maintains the planting beds, irrigation, lighting, etc at each of the entrances into Prestonwood.  Dues also support the variety of social programs, events, etc. in addition to this advertisement-free website.  Active members can access the restricted information by logging in using their email address and password.


Q: How is the PHA different from the PID?

A: The Prestonwood Public Improvement District (PID) is a City of Dallas regulated district assigned to provide additional safety in the form of 24 hour police services exclusive to our neighborhood and funded by a mandatory assessment on property values within Prestonwood. 


Q: How are the two related?

A: The Board of the PHA is under contract with the City of Dallas to manage the PID. 


Q: What is the PW18?

A: The Prestonwood 18 (PW18) is a separate association with the Prestonwood neighborhood boundaries comprised of 90 homes in the streets adjacent to the Sandydale park at the intersection of Golden Creek and Arapaho.  The PW18 administers the maintenance of Sandydale Park and assesses an annual mandatory fee to be paid by each of the homes within PW18. 


Q: Can I use the website to post an event?

A: Active members can post and reply to topics in the Neighborhood Forum section of the website.  In addition active members can also contact the website administrator  to set up events on the calendar, email announcements and track attendance.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the PHA Board meeting minutes and financial statements?

A: PHA Board meeting minutes and annual financial statements are available to all active PHA members after logging in using their email address and the password provided by the website's automated service.


Q: The sidewalk near my house needs repair. How do I get the city to do that?

A:  Many homeowners do not realize that sidewalks adjacent to their property are their responsibility to repair according to city law.  However, the city does offer a cost sharing service that can help. 

Prestonwood Homeowners Association, Inc.

PO Box 795682

Dallas, TX 75379


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