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Code Compliance and Deed Restrictions

The following are common code violations cited by the City of Dallas. For a full list of City ordinances, visit here.

You can report code violations to Dallas 311.


  • Junk Motor Vehicles (Sec. 18-20) A junk motor vehicle (a vehicle that is inoperable) on any private or public property is a public nuisance. The fine: maximum $200.

  • Oversized Vehicles  (Sec. 28-81) No person may park a truck-tractor, road tractor, semi- trailer, bus, trailer or truck over one and one-half tons upon property or any public right-of-way abutting a RESIDENTIAL AREA. The fine: $20 civil penalty.

  • 24 Hour Parking (Sec. 28-84) No person may park an unattended vehicle in a public street, alley or other public place continuously for a period longer than 24 hours. The fine: $15 civil penalty.  


  • Parking on Unapproved Surface  (Sec. 51A-5.401(d)(5)) No person may park a vehicle on the lawn or an unapproved surface. The fine: $45 civil penalty.


NOTE: Owner is responsible for their property from the front curb to the middle of the alley.

  • Weeds/Grass/Vegetation (Sec. 18-13) Weeds or grass cannot be higher than 12 inches. THE FINE: $50 - $2,000; (Sec. 18-14). You have a duty to prevent vegetation from growing so as to become a nuisance or fire hazard. The fine: $50 - $2,000.

  • Dead Trees (Sec. 27-11(a)(5)) The owner shall remove dead trees and limbs that are reasonably capable of causing injury. The fine: $500 - $2000.


  • Litter/Trash (Sec. 7A-18) A person is responsible for litter/trash on their property, the gutter or parkway next to the property and half of the alley. The fine: $100- $2,000.
  • Bulky Trash (Sec.18-4(e)) Oversized brush and bulky trash MUST be placed just behind the curb line of the street where the trash originated not earlier than the Thursday preceding the collection week or later than 7:00 AM on Monday of the collection week. The fine: $50- $2,000.
  • Outside Storage (Sec. 51A-4.217) 5% Rule—Only 5% of a lot may be used for outside storage. The fine:$200 - $2,000.
  • Illegal Outside Storage (Sec. 51a Section 4.213 (b) (9)) A person commits and offense if he/she places outside on a lot, in excess of 24 continuous hours, an item that is not customarily used or stored outside or is not made of material that is resistant to damage or deterioration from exposure to the outside environment. (Unless permitted by zoning and a valid Certificate of Occupancy exists).


  • Paint (Sec.27-1 1(b)(l)) The owner shall protect the exterior surfaces of a structure by applying paint or other coating. The fine: $200 - $2,000.

  • Windows (Sec. 27-11(b)(5)) The owner shall maintain a structure intended for human occupancy in a weather-tight and watertight condition. The fine: $500 - $2.000.

  • Open/Vacant (Sec.27.11(a)(6)) The owner shall keep the doors and windows of a vacant structure securely closed. The fine: $500 - $2,000.

  • Graffiti (Sec.31-38) The property owner is responsible for removing graffiti. It must be removed from sidewalks, walls, fences, signs and other structures visible from the property line. The fine: $200- $500.

  • Fence (Sec. 27-11(b)(10)) An owner shall:(A) maintain any fence on their property so it is not out of alignment more than 12 inches for a fence over 4 foot; 6 inches for a fence 4 foot or less repair or replace rotted, fire damaged, or broken wooden slats and support posts; (C) repair or replace broken or bent metal posts and bent/broken metal fencing materials and (D) repair or replace loose bricks, stones, rocks, mortar, and similar materials on any masonry wall that encloses a multi-tenant property or a single-family or duplex where the walls is not shared with another property. The fine: $200 - $2,000.


  • Open Container (Sec. 6-6.l(b)) A person commits an offense if he possesses an open container of an alcoholic beverage or consumes an alcoholic beverage on a public street, public alley or public sidewalk within 1,000 feet of the property line of public or private school (pre- kindergarten—12th grade). The fine: up to $500.

  • Consuming Alcohol (Sec. 6-6.1(a)) A person commits an offense if he consumes an alcoholic beverage on any property owned or leased by the city; or a public street or any public place within 18 feet of a public street. The fine: up to $500.

  • Alcohol in Public Parks (Sec. 32-1 1.3(a)) A person commits an offense ifhe consumes or possesses an alcoholic beverage while in a public park on a public street, sidewalk, or parking area adjacent to a public park. The fine: up to $500.

  • City Park Hours (Sec. 32-9.l(c) A person commits an offense if he is on public park premises during the hours of 12:00 midnight and 5:00 am. The fine: up to $500.


  • Discharging a Firearm in a Private Place (Sec.31-4(a)) A person commits an offense if he discharges a firearm or other weapon that discharges a shell or cartridge, in a place not customarily open to the public. The fine: up to $500.

  • Urinating or Defecating in Public (Sec. 32-l8(a)) A person commits an offense if he urinates or defecates in or on public property (street, alley, sidewalk, yard, park, building, structure, plaza, public or utility right-of-way) or in public view. The fine: up to $500.

  • Loud and Disturbing Noises (Sec. 30-1) A person commits an offense if he makes or causes to be made any loud and disturbing noise in the city (at any hour) that is offensive to the ordinary sensibilities of an inhabitant of the city (Ex: loud music, car horn). The fine: up to $2,000.

  • Storm Drain Discharges (Sec. 19-1l8.2(a)) A person commits an offense if he discharges or causes to be discharged any water that does not consist entirely of storm water into the storm water drainage system, waters of the U.S. or state water (exceptions include lawn watering, individual residential car washing). The fine: up to $2,000.

  • Working from Home (Sec.51A-4.217(b)(8)) The work must be incidental to the residential use and conducted by a resident on the premises. A person working from their residence shall not: use an ad, sign or display on the premises; (2) use a street address on an ad, sign or display off premises; (3) employ more than 2 persons who work on the premises more than 4 hours in any given week; conduct outdoor activities between 10pm and 7 am; involve more than 10 patrons on the premises at one time; sell, offer or advertise products on the premises. The fine: $200 - $2,000. (See also Sec. 51A-l.l03(a)(1)-(3 )).

  • Garage Sales (Sec. 51A-4.217(b)(9)) A person shall not have more than 2 garage sales during any 12 month period on the same property. The garage sale MUST be inside a building or garage or on the patio ONLY and ONLY on a single family or duplex property. The fine: $200 -$2,000.

  • Signs (Sec. 7A-16) -- No person shall post any notices or to any lamppost, pole, or tree located on a public right-of-way, structure or building. The fine: $50 - $2,000.

The following is information regarding Deed Restrictions within the Prestonwood area.

Prestonwood follows both the City of Dallas code of ordinances and the Prestonwood deed restrictions.

Deed Restrictions

The developer of the Prestonwood area filed a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions in the Dallas County Deed Records for each of the additions now encompassed by the Prestonwood Homeowners Association, Inc. Further, property within the area covered by each Declaration was to be held, transferred, improved, sold, conveyed and occupied subject to the covenants, conditions and restrictions set forth.

Most of the Sections within the area of the Prestonwood Homeowners Association have identical or near identical deed covenants, conditions and restrictions (deed restrictions). Each homeowner should obtain a copy of the recorded restrictions that apply to the Section in which the homeowner owns property, and use that information when a question arises concerning neighborhood deed restrictions.

For those who might not know which section in which they own property, the Section designation is listed prominently on property purchase records and annual tax statements.

Prestonwood Homeowners Association, Inc.

PO Box 795682

Dallas, TX 75379


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