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Landscaping and Maintenance

One of the important functions of PHA is to maintain the beauty of our neighborhood entrances and our common areas. This upkeep enhances the appearance of our neighborhood and helps to maintain our property values. As a member of PHA, part of your dues goes towards keeping these areas presentable.

Many of our members wonder exactly which specific areas are included in the landscaping that PHA performs. There are several different areas that we maintain by way of our landscape maintenance contract. The landscaped areas are located either along the north side of Arapaho, or at the north entrance at Amberwood & Davenport. These areas are generally located around the large brass Prestonwood signs that are mounted on the brick walls located at the entrances to our neighborhood and at the corner of Preston & Arapaho. Our association provides the upkeep for the landscaping adjacent to most of these signs. The specific areas that are landscaped and maintained by your association include the following five major areas:

    1. Preston & Arapaho (NE corner): This is a high-traffic high-visibility intersection that the state recently upgraded with new traffic lights. Our association maintains the landscaping at the northeast corner of this intersection, including the strip of land between the street and the brick wall that extends north along Preston up to the bridge, and eastward along Arapaho to Ranchita.
    2. Ranchita & Arapaho (NW corner): This location at the northwest corner includes a planter area and a Prestonwood entrance sign. The opposite corner (the northeast corner) is part of the Sandydale park area and it is maintained by a different association as described later.
    3. Goldencreek & Arapaho (NE corner): This location at the northeast corner has a Prestonwood entrance sign and a planter area. Our maintenance also extends eastward along Arapaho from Goldencreek to Nedra Way, including the open areas around the Kiowa Branch Creek along Arapaho. The NW corner of the Goldencreek/Arapaho intersection is in the Sandydale park area and it is maintained by a different association.
    4. Nedra Way & Arapaho: This intersection has Prestonwood entrance signs on both the northwest and northeast corners, each with planters that are maintained by PHA. Maintenance is provided east of Nedra Way along Arapaho up to the church, and west of Nedra to Goldencreek.
    5. Amberwood & Davenport (SW corner)This area is located on the north side of the neighborhood. It includes a Prestonwood entrance sign and landscaping along the wall that extends westward up to the open area near McKamy Branch Creek.

The Sandydale park area is maintained by a separate sub-association called Prestonwood 18. Ninety homes near the park area are included in the sub-association which provides the funding for maintenance of the park area. The Sandydale park area encompasses the entire section bounded by Arapaho, Ranchita, Sandydale, and Goldencreek.  Prestonwood 18 has been very kind over the years to allow PHA to hold various neighborhood festivities in the park, such as the Spring Flings, 4th of July Celebrations, and Ice Cream Socials. There are two highly visible corners at entrances to our neighborhood that are part of this area, including the NE corner of Ranchita & Arapaho and the NW corner of Goldencreek & Arapaho, where there is an entrance sign and a large planter.

Floodplain Mowing: The City of Dallas provides two mowings per year for these areas, usually in April and October.  The seven areas that get mowed include the floodplains on Warm Mist/Misty Trail, Candlefire, Calm Meadow, Shadybank, LaManga, Davenport, and Coolglen. Use the City of Dallas 311 service (214) 670-3111 to request additional mowings.

Prestonwood Homeowners Association, Inc.

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