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Trash and Recycling 

This page provides information that will help us keep our neighborhood looking great!

Recycling and weekly trash pick-up will happen every MONDAY.  Bulky Trash pickup occurs the first Monday of each month.  If you need to order a roll cart, you can order one at the City of Dallas Residential Garbage Collection.

Please do not put any kind of plastic bags in the blue recycle bins.  They get tangled in the recycling machinery.  

Bulk Trash

Your bulk trash can be placed out in front NO EARLIER than the THURSDAY prior to bulky trash week.   The City of Dallas' monthly service will pick up the bulk trash sometime during bulky trash week.  If you have items that will fit into the roll carts, please put them there.  If you have cardboard, please break that down and put it into the blue recycling bin. Following these guidelines will reduce your risk of getting cited by the city of Dallas which can cost $261 or more.


See the calendar for Bulky Trash Pickup Dates

You may arrange to have early pick up or pick up of prohibited items for a fee.  Call Sanitation Customer Service at 214-670-8613.

The City of Dallas does patrol neighborhoods for bulk trash violators and has increased code enforcement for bulk trash violators. Such violators are subject to a citation and a MINIMUM FINE OF $261.00. To report debris in violation of the bulk trash ordinance, call 311 (anonymously, if you desire).

The City collects bagged leaves in sealed bags (up to 50 gallons/50 pounds), tree limbs, furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc. Materials NOT collected include bagged grass clippings, new construction or remodeling materials (lumber, sheetrock, etc.), rocks, bricks, or concrete. Construction or remodeling materials can be picked up as a Cost Plus service, as well as on demand collection of brush/bulk trash outside of normal collection week. Call Sanitation Customer Service at (214) 670-8613 for a free estimate.

Thank you so much for your help in keeping our neighborhood clean! See you in the neighborhood. 


Our neighborhood participates in Dallas' project "Too Good To Throw Away". Please call 311 and request a blue bin if you don't already have one. Recycling and weekly trash pick-up will occur weekly.

Recycle Right - The items found below are acceptable:

Cardboard - Clean food & detergent boxes, paper egg cartons, 12 pack drink boxes, folded corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes. NO waxed cardboard, NO plastic or foil lining from cereal or cracker boxes, NO pizza boxes or food contaminated boxes.

Glass - Clear or colored - NO window glass, NO mirrors, NO Pyrex, NO ceramics and NO light bulbs

Magazines - All catalogues, paperback and phone books. NO hardbound books

Newspaper - Including all inserts. NO elastic bands or plastic.

Metal - All aluminum, tin, bimetal cans. Spotlessly clean foil & pie plates, ONLY.

Plastics - Containers with the triple recycling arrows. NO plastic bags, NO Styrofoam, NO plastic hangars, NO chemical containers.

If you miss a collection or they miss you, call 311.  GO TO or Sanitation Services for more information.

For more information on the recycling program, call the Recycling Hotline at (214) 670-4475.


City of Dallas garbage and recycling cart exchange service. 

In June 1999, the City of Dallas began a new garbage collection program for our neighborhood involving side-load trucks with automated arms that pick up the city-supplied 90-gallon roll carts. Collections are once a week. Small amounts of brush cut to fit inside the cart are acceptable; however, grass, leaves, rocks, concrete, and building materials are not.

If you have street pick up, it is legal to place your roll cart in front ONLY the day of pickup. Earlier placement on the street is against city code and subject to citation. Whether your pickup is on the street or alley, you should place your roll cart on the curb or on the edge of your property beside the alley with the handle facing your home. The opening should face the street or alley. You should allow 3 feet of clearance on each side of the cart to prevent possible property damage during pick up. If you have any questions or if your roll cart is damaged or stolen, call the Department of Sanitation Service at (214) 670-8613 or 311.

As a reminder, paint cans are not allowed in any of the trash cans or on the street for bulky trash. The place to go is:

Home Chemical Collection Center
11234 Plano Rd
Dallas 75243

Prestonwood Homeowners Association, Inc.

PO Box 795682

Dallas, TX 75379


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