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   The Prestonwood Public Improvement District (PID) is the only 100% residential PID within the city of Dallas which affords the neighborhood a level of safety above that of surrounding areas.  Through funding from the PID, Prestonwood can maintain a 24 hr Dallas Police presence exclusively on call for Prestonwood residents.  Following are contact numbers for the officer on duty as well as recent incident reports. 

PID Officer Mobile Contact Number



Dallas City Hall link

190312_PID Contract w City of Dallas.pdf

PID Renewal Documents (2018)

PPID Service Plan Final.pdf

PID Financial Documents

PID 2017 Profit and Loss.pdf

Prestonwood PID 2016 Service Plan.pdf

Prestonwood PID Comparative Audit Report and FS 12.31.2015 and 2014.pdf

Prestonwood PID 2013 Audited Financial Statements.pdf

Prestonwood PID 2013 Income Statement by month.pdf

Prestonwood PID 2012 Audited Financial Statements.pdf


Other PID Documents

Prestonwood PID Boundary Map

Prestonwood PID Management Contract-Executed with Exhibits.pdf

Prestonwood PID 2011 Renewal Resolution

Prestonwood PID 2015 Assessment Plan.pdf

PID Monthly Incident Reports

09-2015 YTD PID Report.pdf

2014 PID Incident Report.pdf

2013 PID Incident Reports.pdf

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