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Pepper Square Redevelopment Masterplan - Specifically, their proposal calls for a zoning change from “community retail” to MU-2 or “mixed-use-2” and includes the addition of 2,000 apartments and high-rise buildings (MU-2 zoning allows for 14 story buildings). It’s anticipated that traffic along Preston – already congested – would get worse as a result of their proposed development. 

Silver-line construction - Phase 0 is complete - close northbound shoulder lane of Davenport Rd.  Phase 1 is complete -close northbound lanes of Davenport Rd.  Phase 2 - work has started and is ongoing - close southbound lanes of Davenport Rd.  Phase 3 will start Thursday, Nov. 30 until Saturday Dec. 2 with full 3-day closure of Davenport Rd.

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Prestonwood Homeowners Association, Inc.

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